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Wednesday19 January 2022

Benefits Of LNG For Heavy Duty Vehicles

LNG has a number of benefits to owners and operators of transport fleets as well as society at large.
Stable Fuel Costs
Unlike the value of diesel which is linked to the ever-volatile oil market, the price of LNG is much more stable, which permits for more management in business budgeting. See the graph under which demonstrates the volatility of diesel as compared to LNG.

Lower Worth of LNG
LNG is lighter than diesel and therefore requires approximately 1.7 litres of LNG to substitute a litre of diesel. Nonetheless, the significantly lower price of LNG means it delivers substantial annual fuel savings.

Longevity of Supply
Australia has considerable supplies of natural gas and it is anticipated that there are provides of 80-100 years, or more, given projected demand.

Domestic Supply
In the close to future it is expected that 80% of diesel supplies will should be imported, which means reliance on the worldwide oil market, whereas Australia’s natural gas reserves ensure local provide and freedom from international issues.

Prolonged Life of Vehicle
As LNG is a clean, non toxic substance it can prolong the life of the vehicle for up to 3 times longer than a diesel engine. Additionally LNG-fuelled vehicles require a lot less servicing.

Reduced Noise Air pollution
Vehicles running on LNG are far less noisy than typical diesel engines. The LNG reduces vehicle knock.

Fewer CO2 Emissions
Relying on the type of engine, heavy duty vehicles running on LNG produce up to 20-25% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel powered vehicles.

Improved Air Quality
Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, subsequently vehicles running on LNG produce decrease levels of toxic emissions and air pollution than equivalent diesel engines. Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emissions are reduced by 40-50% and Particulate Matter (PM) emissions are reduced by approx 80%.

Time to Refuel
Refuelling LNG is just like filling up at an everyday service station and the time taken to refuel an LNG vehicle takes not than filling a diesel one.

Safe to Use
LNG is harder to ignite than diesel and is less of a fire hazard than many commonly-used fuels. LNG shouldn't be held under pressure which drastically reduces the likelihood of explosions. LNG is non poisonous and non corrosive and will not pollute land or water resources within the event of a leak into the environment.

Flexibility in Transport Routes
Unlike Compressed Natural Gas, which needs to be located subsequent to a natural gas pipeline, LNG refuelling sites may be located wherever, which means that there's flexibility over the growth of transport routes for heavy duty LNG-powered vehicles.

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