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Thursday26 May 2022

Three Challenges Of Entrepreneurs In The Philippines

The previous couple of weeks nearly all over the place I go be it coffee shops, boards, or casual conversations, I typically encounter somebody or a bunch expressing the difficulties in doing enterprise in the country. Is this coincidental or was I just getting conscious? At any rate I made a decision to start writing and enumerating to avoid duplicity. I do encourage readers to join as we discover solutions.

Number 1: Authorities Licensing and Permits: entrepreneurs complain on how difficult it is to apply or renew with certain local authorities units. All of the while I assumed President Aquino has ordered the streamlining of government transactions. In fairness there are cities, which are known for environment friendly transaction. It makes somebody really feel like being in a private office. So what do we do here? I really feel we have to get more individuals to come out in the open, specific and identify the place these LGUs are giving difficulties to the entrepreneur. I always believe that to complain is one other thing however to do something provides us more the ability to achieve results.

Number 2: Prohibitive Rental Rates and different clauses in Malls: this comes virtually as a tie with the above. There isn't a doubt that doing business in shopping malls has advantages. Life for most people has included a weekly if not twice visits to the malls. An exemption is when the red label with words "SALE" is displayed hordes just keep on pouring inside. Entrepreneurs however are feeling a bigger intensity of "OUCH" with rental rates and other incidental charges. Can there be an trustworthy to goodness dialogue between Entrepreneurs and Mall Operators? Hear out every other. Allow us to avoid squeezing the entrepreneurs dry to the bone. I always consider that transparency achieves a synergistic relationship. A mall operator can initiate an effort with their tenants. Unless I could have missed such occasion, does anybody know if there is one held or initiated? Generally I wish there's a mall operator whose heart is for the tenants first earlier than profits. It hurts to see a newly opened store and after six to 12 months show signs of losing money, which ultimately gets boarded up with a tag "For Lease".

Number three: Manpower: There are a lot of who don't have any jobs. Unemployment is high within the country. Each time there is a job fair, I see hundreds queuing even under the heat of the sun or in mall corridors. One level noted is the quality and experience of manpower. Entrepreneurs do look for those who will not be just doing menial tasks. They're in need of people that have the fitting attitude and disposition in life. Oftentimes, there may be lack of focus or seriousness on the work. Well with the presence of smartphones and Internet, efficiency has been affected. One entrepreneur was complaining he would typically catch his office employees always online in social media like Facebook or doing SMS to friends. The need of employing individuals is a necessity unless we have robots already in place. However anybody wanting a job has to exert effort in being constant and serious in the conduct of employment. Our academic institutions have begun their drive on the proper molding of their students. I know of a school where students who are on OJT (On The Job Training) are monitored if they're getting the proper exposure and related to their courses. Finally this a big improvement as earlier than students are merely asked to do cleaning the office, getting ready coffee and filing papers as their task.

This is article could also be an eye-opener to some but for the others the challenges maybe are part of being an entrepreneur. I think we'd like not be complacent if we want our country to achieve progress. From what I used to be taught by my mother, grandparents and lecturers, it is the duty of every Filipino to contribute in making motherland shining again. We did years ago when the Philippines was occupying the top spot among Asian countries. A small achievement each day is a lot better than just taking no action at all. The president of the country can't be expected to do everything. We now have to pitch in. Can we subsequently say, "It's more enjoyable to do business within the Philippines?" without butting an eye?

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