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Tuesday30 November 2021

The Different Types Of Drilling Rigs

Drilling rigs are constructions that house equipment like pipes, cables, drill bits and derricks which are crucial in extracting vital commodities corresponding to petroleum from under the earth's surface. The rigs are categorized under offshore and land with the offshore handling drilling on the ocean floor and land based drills dealing with the drilling that is performed on land.

Apart from extracting petroleum, they can be utilized in the construction business in building basis development, roadbed, bridges and airports constructions the place sturdy foundations are required. They may also be used in mining, drilling and water well drilling. The drilling rigs come in several types and the most suitable is selected based on the task that's at hand. The drilling rig classifications may be carried out using numerous factors, attributes or technologies.

By power

The kind of energy a drilling rig uses can determine what type it is. Usually, you'll find mechanical drilling rigs which use clutches, transmissions and torque converters that are powered by their own diesel engines. The electric ones are these whose machinery items are driven utilizing electric motors generating power on site by way of inner combustion engines. There are additionally hydraulic rigs which use hydraulic energy, steam rigs which use engines and pumps which can be steam powered and the pneumatic ones which are powered using pressurized air.

By Pipe

Rig categorization under pipe has cable drilling rigs that use cables to boost and drop drill bits, conventional drilling rigs which use plastic or metal drill pipes of various types to suit the operate and col tubing rigs that use giant tube coils and down hole drilling motors.

By height

Height categorization comes in when briefly removing drill pipes from the opening and relies on the number of connected pipes in the derrick. Single rigs pull dingle drill pipes, whereas double rigs can deal with a stand of pipe that has two linked pipes within the derrick. Triple stand rigs can deal with three whereas quadri stand can accommodate 4 connected drill pipes.

By drilling technique

The drilling technology classifies the drilling rigs into non rotational rigs that include most service rigs and direct push rigs. There are additionally rotary table rigs that achieve rotation by turning a hexagonal or sq. pipe at the floor level of the drill. Top drive rigs have the circulation and rotation completed around the top area of drill string on motors moving on track alongside the equipment derrick whereas sonic rigs use vibratory energy so that the drill string is advanced. You will additionally discover hammer rigs that use percussive and rotation force.

By derrick position

Drilling rigs will also be categorized in response to the positioning of the derrick on the equipment. There are standard rigs which have the derrick in vertical position and slant rigs that have the derrick slanted at an angle of 25 degrees in order that horizontal drilling is facilitated.

Regardless of the drilling needs you have, there's always an importance of making positive you select the best for the task at hand. Whenever you know what your options are your chances of choosing one of the best drilling rig are increased.

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